Support Us

ACT Historic Places regularly enters into partnerships and accept support from a range of individuals and organisations who wish to give back to their community.

For individuals this could include:

  • Donating funds to support programs and events. We have charitable status as a cultural organisation so donations are tax deductible.
  • Making an added tax deductible donation when you join our membership program.
  • Volunteering your time and skill to improve the services we provide. 

 For businesses this could include:

  • Sponsoring learning and public programs, or specific exhibitions.
  • Becoming a corporate member.

ACT Historic Places develops unique business partnerships to deliver tailored outcomes for your business and our organisation. Benefits include extensive and niche exposure of your company and its products; enhanced awareness of your company’s commitment to our region’s community and culture; unique entertainment and networking activities for staff or clients such as cocktail functions in the pristine rural setting of our venues; and hands-on staff development projects.

To learn more, to contribute or to discuss ideas you might have for partnering with ACT Historic Places contact Michael Bailey Manager, Business Development and Digital on 62072465 or