Lanyon Consultation Report

Lanyon is a very popular heritage site for our community which dates back to the early white settlement of the area in the 1830s.

The site is used for historic house tours, Lanyon Christmas Carols and the Easter Egg Hunt, and school educational tours. Wedding hires and Saturday and Sunday breakfasts and lunches
are also popular.

The heritage precinct covers a large area which includes beautiful ornamental and vegetable gardens, the former Nolan Gallery and an historic shearing shed.

Having recently completed the Lanyon Conservation Management plan the Government
is keen to look at options to make more of the site accessible to the community, and to ensure its existing facilities are returning the best benefit
to the community.

Consultant Duncan Marshall and Lyn Stephens were engaged to consult with stakeholders and the community on the potential for new community uses at Lanyon.

The consultants found great enthusiasm for:

• expanded garden-based programs and events, 

• more community use of the former Nolan Gallery building, 

• higher profile promotion of Lanyon as a major attraction in South Canberra,

• and better access to areas within the Heritage Precinct (such as the shearing shed precinct).

The first stage report summarises the consultation process and the ideas that
came forward from the community.

The first stage report is available for download by clicking here.

A second stage report will examine the feasibility of ideas suggested (eg re-use of the former Nolan Gallery building), both from the perspective of the use of the heritage site, their potential popularity and the level of resourcing they would require.

The second stage of the report is now available for download by clicking here.

Based upon feedback from the consultants and the high level of support for certain activities the Government has made the decision to fund the delivery of these activities ahead of the finalisation of the second stage report.

The final detail of how these activities will be rolled out will of course be informed by the outcomes of the second stage report.

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