Exploring Place - Visual Art Teacher Resource

· Year 11 - 12

ACT Historic Places provide a unique insight into Canberra’s local heritage. Each property showcases a nexus of country and environment, design and aesthetic conventions in the built environment and human stories that reveal social and political aspects of Canberra’s past. The learning activities in ‘Exploring Place’ are designed to expose students to a variety of works of art with relevance to the concept of place at one of three ACT Historic Place sites - Lanyon Homestead, Mugga Mugga Cottage and/or Calthorpes House. The resources are designed for use with Years 11 and 12 ACT BSSS Visual Art curriculum requirements and can also be adapted for other learning programs.

Image: Dean Cross, T.N.(it started here), 2016. Synthetic polymer paint and powdered charcoal on linen 45x60cm