Lanyon Homestead Picnic Menus

Picnic platters for one

Christmas Harvest Hamper $24 (vegetarian)

Lanyon chutneys, stuffed Vine leaves, Hummus,
Roast beetroot, Grilled vegetables, olives
vintage cheddar, fetta & pesto,
Sweet potato and leek frittata,  
sweet corn and zucchini blinis, yoghurt & jalapeno jam
Mixed grain, spinach, Roast almond salad lemon garlic dressing
herb damper

Festive ham hamper $24 (meat)

Prosciutto and melon,
Double smoked ham, salami,
vintage cheddar, bocconcini with pesto
Grilled vegetables, roast Beetroot
Sweet potato and leek frittata,
Lanyon chutneys, 
Baby cos, fetta, olives, cherry tomato, capsicum & cucumber salad
herb damper

Starry Night Seafood Hamper $32 (seafood)

Peeled Prawns, chilli lime aioli 
Cracked crab (1/2 )  
Smoked salmon, capers & Spanish onion   
Natural Oysters (2)
Dill mayonnaise & lemon wedges
baby cos, Bocconcini with pesto,pickled cucumber, tomato salad
Herb damper

Yuletide Cheese Hamper $24 (cheese and fruit)

Selection of cheeses, fresh fruit, dried fruit, nuts and Barracks crackers