Artist In Residence: Artist at work

19 Apr 2018—21 Apr 2018

 Artist In Residence: Artist at work

Thu 19, Fri 20 and Sat 21 April: 11am–3pm

Anne-Marie Jean is Artist-in-Residence at Lanyon Historic Homestead with her young daughter Camille in 2018. Together they are exploring the gardens and landscape through the seasons and making paintings, drawings and sculptures in response.

Jean’s art practice explores how she can expand on traditional Western landscape depiction so that it describes not just how a landscape looks when seen from a single point of view, but how it feels to actively move through the landscape, how we experience it through all our sense, not just sight. During opening hours from April 19 to 21 she will be working outdoors in the garden to create a large-scale artwork. Visitors are welcome to come and talk to the artist and see the work in progress while they experience the gardens themselves.

Anne-Marie Jean will be exhibiting the work inspired by her residency at Tuggeranong Art Centre in October 2018. For more information on her work visit

In association with the Canberra and Region Heritage Festival.