Performing the past

Performing the past

Performing the Past was a series of events at Lanyon and Mugga-Mugga to reanimate the sites with original and traditional music.  From renowned pianist Erin Helyard to local performers in the bands, Strings Attached and Hoddle, the series demonstrated how music connects people and engages them with their past.

 Performances in the Lanyon Drawing Room and Mugga-Mugga’s Sitting Room allows participants to consider the sites from a different perspective.  Sound is often absent in historical settings, however, it would have been ever present for the people who lived and worked in these houses.  Hearing a voice singing a song as the performer walks down the corridor offers a window into another time.

 Dr Jennifer Gall undertook the project, Performing the Past, which sought to provide opportunities for performers to critically engage with the musical history of these sites and to illustrate their creativity and research through performances.

 The following video is a recording of Erin Helyard’s performance in the Lanyon Drawing Room

 The performers involved were:

Erin Helyard, Senior Lecturer at the Melbourne Conservatorium of Music and Artistic Director of Pinchgut Opera

Ian Blake, sound artist

Sandra France, pianist

Dr Jennifer Gall, violinist

Alistair Noble, pianist

Anthony Smith, pianist

Michael Sollis, Griffyn Ensemble

Dr Jennifer Gall and David Game, Strings Attached

Jacquie Bradley, Kevin Bradley and Peter Woodley, Hoddle

This project is coordinated by Dr Jennifer Gall and supported by the ACT Government through artsACT.